Even the Discomfort is for You

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2018

Do you know when to push through the discomfort?


We push through when our soul is desiring us to step into more and when our soul is leading us to grow.


You know the discomfort is only temporary. AND The reward is massive.


If you feel like you don’t know when to push through, it’s time to remember. Your body does know the difference between soul led and fear led. Your mind is what’s confusing you! Put your mind on hold, get out of your head and let your body lead.


You do already know the difference. Your body will show you, BUT you have to surrender long enough to feel/hear/experience the message.

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Change Your Course to Stay on Course

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2018

Having the strength to change your course when it’s no longer in alignment. This is a frickin powerhouse skill!


And yet, sometimes it feels like you are doing something wrong by changing your mind. Maybe it has you thinking…


What are people going to think?

They are going to think it was too hard so I quit.

They are going to think I couldn’t hack it.

They are going to think I just chose the easy route.


Maybe you think they are thinking…

She dumped the program bc it wasn’t a success.

She’s just doing it for the money.

She’s not going to make any money.


Are you really going to let those thoughts and fears hold you back?

Are you really truly willing to give up on your path bc of someone else’s judgements (AKA their fears)?


Keep adjusting your course! It’s how you actually stay on course!


Go where your heart is calling you.

Do what your heart is calling for.

Be what your heart is bursting...

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Let's Talk Money Again

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2018


I’m going to share something I’ve never shared publicly. It’s kinda silly that I haven’t shared it, as much as I like to talk money mindset but I guess I still had fears around judgements and to be honest I lacked the words to explain my process. It was something I’ve done and felt but struggled to explain.


Here it is… I have never lived on a budget. Even when my husband, then fiancé, and I were only 23 and had just bought our first home. I can vividly remember 3 times in the past when I attempted to sit down and create a budget. The first was when we purchased our first home, because we were homeowners and that was the responsible thing to do, right?! Ha! The next was when we moved into our current home (mortgage was increasing 2.5x) so again that’s the responsible thing to do, set a budget. AND the last time was when I was pregnant with our son and planning to decrease my hours at work.


Each time, all 3...

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Money, Money, Money (but you must sign this to the tune of the song!)

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2018

Money, Money, Money, Moonnnney (you better be singing that as you read it!)


Check out this list of things I invest in now that I know I wouldn’t have spent money on 3 years ago, not because we didn’t have the money but because I would have judged it as a waste/too much/not for me.


Now when my soul calls, I answer

Full price clothing! Some of my favs: Athleta, Patagonia, Prana, etc

Wooden hangers

Medical grade skin care: products, facials, etc

Services that save me time! A housekeeper twice a week, An assistant, Grocery/food delivery

Traveling every month

Country Club

First class airfare!


Aren’t some of these funny! But if you deny these callings to your soul (your list probably looks different) it’s just little ways you are living in scarcity. Clothing is a great example! I have always loved clothes! I have never had a problem spending money on clothes for myself, BUT there was a limit to how much or where I would shop. I was a pro...

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The Answers are so Simple

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2018

THE questions are so simple.


The answers can be, too, if you allow them.


Who are you?


What do you want?


What are your gifts?  


Where are you in alignment with your soul’s desires?


And also -


Where are you ignoring your soul?


Where are you ‘should-ing’ on yourself?


Where are you denying yourself play?


Answer these questions often. When you tune in regularly it allows you to make small but very important course corrections that catapult you towards your dream experiences.

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You are a Leader, so Lead

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018

Your leadership energy can trigger others.


But those are their wounds and none of your concern.


You’ve let it hold you back in the past, BUT no longer! It’s pulling you down, depleting your energy, shrinking your dreams to be what you think won’t offend others.


You are ready show up FULLY as the leader you are.


Let’s just call it was it is, you are the one who just wants to be in charge. Even when you say that you are going into an event/ a meeting/ a group and you are going to sit back and stay quiet, it doesn’t happen does it?!


I can remember many, many meetings at my old job where I thought on the way there, that this time I’m NOT going to be the one to fix everything, to come up with solutions, to volunteer to run the new thing. Guess how many times that actually happened? Yup, pretty much never! It was more difficult to keep it in than it was to lead. So if you did hold it all in, I bet you left with a...

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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018

What’s your story? Tell me your hero’s journey. You have a very important story to share with the world.


If you knew me before I started my business you know that I had a great life. I was super successful in my career, great husband, amazing son, beautiful home, all the things…


BUT holy crap did the inside not match the outside. My hero’s journey is not one of external struggle. I don’t have a story of overcoming crazy debt, awful and poor paying jobs, or some massive failure to get where I am today.


I overcame my mind. I was battling a MASSIVE internal war with myself.


Stress and worry that kept me firing on all cylinders all the time. AKA fear and anxiety, but if you had used those words with me… I would have shut you down. All successful people are stressed, right?! The models that I had in my life were. I literally didn’t know there was another possibility.


I here from women that didn’t have...

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Uncategorized Nov 02, 2018


Do you resist when you hear the word discipline?


What does that word mean to you?


It tends to have a negative connotation, in a lot of ways.

Disciplinary action

Being disciplined

Even having discipline can be looked at negatively, as pushing/forceful AKA not flow


What if we changed that and completely gave that word a new feeling?


What if if having discipline was soul led?

What if it meant you were upholding your soul’s deepest desires by being disciplined?

What if having discipline was easy?

What if it created freedom, not rigidity?


Think of an area where you are already very disciplined. Somewhere you hold a habit as non negotiable and have for some time. I’ve used the example of water intake before. I always get enough water in. I am completely disciplined about it. And it doesn’t take any extra thought or energy on my part anymore. It is a completely ingrained habit.


Where would you like to be more consistent? In...

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Release the Master Within

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2018

There is a part of me that can’t even believe I’ve done the things I’ve accomplished. Mind blown! I once said there was NO WAY that I could leave the stability of being employed and start my own business! I literally said that there is no way I could do that. By the way, I now know that anytime I catch myself saying there is NO WAY I would do ____, I know to take note and stay with it bc it’s going to be a huge place of growth in time. Oops I got off track! Back to what I wanted to share.


It’s not just the objective accomplishments and the business that blow me away. It’s my mindset, my beliefs. I recently journaled on my old limiting beliefs, my rule of life that I held to be true just a couple years ago. Looking back on this is what blows my mind!


My very first personal development work was my coaching certificate! I had never read a self help book in my life (truth: I tried to read Eckart Tolle in my 20s and couldn’t grasp...

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Always Get What You Want

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2018

I always get what I want.

I always have.

I always get everything that I really want.

A few times there were things I thought I should want – those didn’t pan out.

I also believe I will always get what I want.


What does that trigger in you? What are you thinking right now?

That I am spoiled?

That I am entitled?

Am I just lucky?


Maybe you are thinking ‘she has something that I don’t have’.




Well, not entirely true. I might have a mindset that you are still working to cultivate. But I imagine many of you already have had this experience in your life.


Guess what, you can go bigger!! WAY bigger! You can literally ask for everything your heart and soul desire. You were meant to have extraordinary life. The life of your dreams.


I have started A LOT of sentences with “I want…” It’s actually a joke with my mom when she hears it. I’ve been picked on for it many times but I always call...

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