Uncategorized Oct 29, 2018

You were meant to have a little chaos in your life. Not everyone is wired this way, but I bet you are.


You thrive on adventure, challenge, thrill, THE CONQUEST.


If you don’t have it in your life you are bored.


And boredom is a slow painful death of your soul desires.


You might have tried to convince yourself otherwise, but your soul knows what you need.


Sink into it, this is just the way life is for you. A little bit of chaos is nothing to judge. Surrender to it.


Because trying to create a life without it will be the death of your passion.


I bet you are the kind of person who goes all in on a goal. You are fully committed for a lot of reasons but one really big motivating one is that you want to prove you can do it. Right?! Once you’ve achieved the goal, it will have lost it’s appeal unless those other reason were really strong.


For example, years ago, I went gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, alcohol free,...

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How to Know When Pushing Through is in Alignment

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2018

I love to work out.


Yet, I had to kick my own ass to get to Barre3 today.


I didn’t want to go, my bed is really comfortable and I was super cozy!


So I skipped the first class and waited until the very last minute to go to the next one, almost didn’t make it and arrived late…


Why? Why was it so hard to get going? I asked myself the same thing! LOL I love the way I feel when I work out during and after so why wouldn’t I go?


If you caught my message earlier this week, I talked about having a slow soulful day. It was in total alignment that day but today was different. My soul wanted to workout but my habit/pattern wanted me to stay in bed.


I’m increasing how often I do more intense workouts. This upped frequency is still new, not a habit yet. So it feels hard sometimes. It feels like, I don’t NEED to do that. All sorts of reasons that seem super rationale for why not to go.


Sometimes you just have to...

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Success and Mindset

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2018

At the beginning of 2017 I felt like I was struggling to find clients who would invest even $1000 in themselves.


Fast forward to now and my clients come to me ready to invest so I close contracts with soul mate clients with ease. My clients even renew and renew with me. My life has shifted in every way possible, not just in business.


How did I do it?


I was committed to mastering powerful coaching conversations, which means a lot of things. (none of which mean that I learned how to be salesy, push fear and pain)


I committed to showing up as a leader.


I called out fears for what they were (and had mentors who did this when I couldn’t see it).


I committed to challenging my own beliefs around how life and business should work and look.


I showed up for the inner work over and over. And I still do.


Success is an 80/20 game. It’s at least 80% an inner game (I would even argue TRUE aligned success is much higher than...

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The Magic is Within You

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2018

There is no magic number of followers, list size, etc that will get to your income goals.


There is no magic number of likes or comments that will get you clients.


And there is definitely no magic strategy you are missing (expect maybe doing more inner work!)…


Would you believe me if I told you I had my first 6 figure year with less than 500 followers on my business pages and less 2000 FB friends, oh yeah – and a teeny tiny email list?


Does that sound like some marketing scheme or something you’ve seen in a FB ad?


It’s the truth. Promise.


You want to know HOW I went from <20K in business to 100,000+?


Get ready for it…


I stayed the course.

I didn’t give up.

I worked on my mindset every single day.

I practiced following my soul in every area of my life.


It’s simple, not always easy, but simple. I released the idea that there was no magic business strategy that I needed to...

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I Took it Slow Today

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2018

I got back from vacation late last night and woke up feeling slow, not quite ready to enter back into world of To Do lists. So I didn’t… I took my time. Sleeping extra. Taking a long shower. Doing a few mindless tasks first to ease back into my real work, my soul’s work AKA this, writing my message to you.


I caught myself in judgement of what I should be doing after a week away, but when I checked in the slowness and gentleness with myself was what my soul was calling for. My ego tried to say all sorts of other things about what I ‘should’ be doing but I decided not to listen. I called it out for what it was and moved on.


I’m savoring the quietness of my home with everyone gone.


I’m savoring the quiet time with myself.


I experienced a massive up-level over these past two weeks and I’m allowing it all to integrate, sink in on a cellular level. I’m committed to this deep soul work so that I can show up...

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Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

You don’t have to follow any business strategy that isn’t in alignment. Follow only soul led strategies. There is a difference between a strategy not being for you vs you resisting something your soul knows is for you but fear is telling you otherwise so it feels scary and uncertain.


You know the difference deep down. Fear is super crafty at trying to confuse you, but now you have the awareness so you can always check in and KNOW which is leading. Your body never lies. Check in. Do you feel contraction or expansion? – this is one of the best questions I’ve received from my mentors.


You can be scared shitless to make an investment, do a talk, raise your rates, talk about money, do a live video AND your soul is crying out for stretch and growth AND expansion.


Listen to your soul. Expand. Knowing you are ready doesn’t mean it comes void of fears. Be scared and act anyways. That’s the secret of success. No waiting, acknowledge...

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Are You a Dreamer

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2018

I was a silent dreamer. Even as a child, I don’t remember sharing my dreams often. Maybe I had moments when they weren’t supported so I started keeping them to myself or maybe I was too shy to share desires that seemed to be different than most. It really doesn’t matter why.


I wanted my life to be an adventure, to be extraordinary. The adventures of the boxcar children, the entrepreneurial babysitters club just to name 2 of my early favorites… Oh did I love to disappear into books! It was magical. I would even sneak my book light under the covers and read past my bedtime just to transport myself into their world.


It’s taken me some years to return to my childhood dreams. I spent a lot of years “doing life the safe way”. I have unleashed my dreams, my desires, my purpose and this is what I desire for you too.


Get those dreams out of your head and out of your journal. They are meant for the world. You are meant to change...

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Growth Spurts

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

My growths spurts have been on rapid fire for the past 3 years. Actually, they have really been constant, not spurts at all! You too?

And you’d think I’d be used to it by now. But just before a big transition, I still feel the same. A part of me wants to go big and all in, while another part of me, wants to know the gosh darn HOW of it all. How do I step into this new role? How? I’ve never been there so I don’t know how. These are the thoughts I catch myself in.

Although, now I know it’s just my pattern of fears trying to keep me from that next level. If we don’t know how to do it, we won’t, and if we don’t then we won’t have to go into the unknown – this is the sneaky plan of the fearful part inside of you.

And because of the inner work you’ve been doing you can identify them inside you too.

I don’t believe our goal is to eliminate these parts of ourselves. It’s to love them, while simultaneously telling...

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Journal Prompts

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2018

These are your journal prompts for today.

What are you longing for?

What do want in your life?

What do want more of in your life?

And why, why do you desire this to be part of your life?

What will it give you?


This is the real work, love. Mindset first, action second.

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How Much Time and Energy are you Wasting

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2018

There are so many different ways to do business. To share content. To structure your programs. To see clients.


Literally the possibilities are endless. Which is a great things BUT…


How much time and energy are you wasting analyzing these decisions?


Especially if you are thinking about program structure, sessions, etc and you don’t have clients yet.




Action first and then evaluate what you like and don’t like.


Change it the next time.


This is the way we learn, build confidence and grow by being in action.


Simple. Done. No stress. No energy leak.


Make prompt, decisive decisions and keep moving forward.


And now you can focus your energy on creating clients.


Which will fuel you even more bc you can try out all your ideas!

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