Foundational Mindset Work + Simple Action = HUGE MOMENTUM

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2018

If you are a coach making 10-20k or less a month. Please don’t sign up for any more “how to’s”. All you need to be doing is the basics. It doesn’t need to be complicated at all.


Please just focus on the basic foundation.

  • Sharing your message
  • Connecting with potential clients
  • Making offers

Increase your rate of these activities to DAILY! It’s the foundation of your business. It’s the only HOW you need right now.


If you are already doing these things and it’s not working out for you, then a couple things are most likely off.

  • You aren’t sharing your soul’s message that lights you up AKA you are using other’s words or what you think you SHOULD be saying
  • You aren’t confident in your offers/sales AKA you aren’t having powerful conversations
  • Your belief system is holding you back AKA your fears are running the show


Most likely it’s some combination of those. Creating a powerful...

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How Do You Want to Finish out This Year

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2018


How do you want to finish out this year?


How many goals have you met so far?


Even more important, how has the year felt so far?


Did you feel amazing? At peace? And totally lit up about what you were creating?


Are you truly enjoying the process and journey of building a business? (or does it feel like a struggle…)


You have a couple choices.


Continue status quo.


Or you can uplevel.


You are ready to play at a whole new level, aren’t you?!


Don’t let these last few months go by without saying YES to the dream.


Struggle is a choice.


You can have it all.

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You Only Make Great Decisions

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2018

Truth Bomb! Here’s what’s happening when you say you need to talk to your significant other, your boss, a friend before you make your decision to hire a new coach.


Mostly, you aren’t feeling confident about moving forward with the investment…


Show up for what you know is right for you. When someone questions if you are sure and you can’t state clearly why you know this is right for you, shows the worry that you are going to make a wrong decision and that you won’t create the results you desire. You WERE sure it was a good fit when you spoke to the coach, so own it now.


I bet 99% of the time if you showed up as confident in your decision. If you articulated what you know you can create with this person. Stated it with confidence! And shared why it felt, in your gut, like the best decision. Then the other person would agree and trust you.


Why? Bc you are trusting yourself so they trust you.


This actually gets me...

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It’s Always a Choice

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2018

It’s always a choice.


There have been times that I chose to feel like crap. To stay in bed. To play out a pity party for myself.


They happen less and less but I haven’t fully outgrown this pattern of trying to escape.


Most times I choose to feel in the flow, energized, and at peace.


Some of the REAL work was releasing the judgement for the times I chose pain.


No more judgement for the times I chose pain.


We own that in each and every moment we get to choose again.

And each time we choose to feel good.

To do things that make us feel good.

To believe things that make us feel good.

To surround ourselves with people who make us feel good.

We grow.

We grow our container to receive.

We grow our container to feel good, to feel love.

Let’s start by owning that choice.

I own my power to choose how I feel.

Again, say it out loud.

I own my power to choose how I feel.

Now let’s strengthen those beliefs.

I know how to feel...

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I Forgot About a Client Today

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

I forgot about a client today!


I completely forgot about our call until she messaged me 7 minutes after we were to start. Now, I had remembered the call multiple times earlier in the day but somehow when it came time I didn’t even think of it. I was immersed into a recorded training with no idea what time it was.


So why am I sharing this with you? Because in the past I would have beat myself up over it. I wouldn’t have been able to give myself any grace.


“That’s unprofessional. She’s going to think you don’t care about her, that she isn’t worth remembering. She isn’t going to want to work with you anymore and she’s going to think bad things about you.” Yes, this is where I would have gone in my head even just a year ago. And if I was her and someone forgot about me, I would get super judgy too. Big surprise, right?! LOL


Now, of course I apologized to her and shared the truth about what happened...

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The Power of OR

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

The power in noticing when you believe you have to choose, this OR this but subconsciously you believe you can’t have both. When you have awareness of where you limit yourself with an OR you have the power to change everything!


But first.


I am working through showing up publicly when I am going through a growth spurt (that sounds way more positive than it felt!!) I have felt the tug back and forth to be more internal vs  to share more. That is something I hope to cultivate, sharing through the growth not just after. I’m sharing something I went through this summer.


The expansion that you desire won’t occur until you do the thing your is soul leading you to which is to share more often and vulnerably.


I’ll be totally honest that I can be hard on myself at times when I feel that I’m in a mucky, stuck place with little action. I continuously work on the self-talk, the internal conversation with myself. I’m not perfect...

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Entrepreneurial Journey

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2018

When I started on this entrepreneurial journey, my goals were only to maintain my family’s current of financial freedom. I was making a pretty darn good salary for only working 3 days a week, more than many make for a full time job, so my goal was to create this same income in my business. This meant staying in the upper middle-class bracket and still doing all the responsible financial things like saving for retirement, paying off our mortgage early and still having the money for vacations and so forth. I had little glimmers that WAY more was possible but it took me some time to admit those dreams.


And those goals still felt soooo expansive because I saw it as a HUGE upgrade!  I would be fulfilling my passion and purpose and I wouldn’t be settling for a job and career that was no longer my dream.


I decided when I left the hospital that I was totally willing to take a pay cut if it meant following my true path, while simultaneously believing I, for...

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When Stuff Starts to Feel Hard

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2018

When stuff starts to feel hard.

Stuff: as in life, business, everything.

Here’s what I know. I’ve fallen out of alignment.

It’s a sign that I have a chance to explore where I can come back to myself.

Ask yourself these questions:

What growth is calling to me?

Where I can upgrade my mindset?

Where I can be more me?

Fully and completely unapologetically you.

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What longings am I ignoring

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2018

What longings are you ignoring?


Take time to answer this today.

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What if You Tuned Into Your Soul Every Single Day

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2018

What if you tuned into your soul every single day? What if you connected deeply into your body?

Writing, Meditation, Movement


What if your main objective for the day (after you took care of yourself, your non negotiables) was to:


Creating content.

Inspire your people.

Whatever the F came to you.


What if sharing your message was the only thing you prioritized (other than your clients, of course!)


You commit to yourself and you uphold that commitment every day.


Just imagine what that would do for your momentum.

Just imagine what that would do for your self-esteem, innate belief in your worthiness.

Just imagine it being that simple.


You dream of changing your life.

You dream of impacting other’s lives.

You dream of a financial freedom.

If this is your dream, how much real attention are you giving to your dream?


Are you spending your time making an impact or spinning your wheels?

Staying busy but not feeling like anything was...

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