That floaty feeling after bodywork

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2018

That floaty feeling after bodywork.

Or after an intense workout.

Or after an orgasm!

You know the feeling I’m talking about.

It’s bliss.

It’s magick.

It’s life.

It’s when we are most connected. Connect to your body. Drop in consistently.

It doesn’t matter how you do it. Deepen your connection to your body. This will connect you to your passion, your purpose, your message.

It is integral for the work you want to share with the world. It’s a non-negotiable.

You want to connect with your tribe, your clients? You can only connect as deeply as you are connected with yourself.

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Sometimes I forget just how far I've come

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2018

Sometimes I forget just how far I’ve come in the past few years of focused growth and exploration. I bet you do to. It’s mind bending actually.


Our beliefs.

Our day to day life.

Our relationships.

Our parenting.

Our peace, joy and all things happiness.


There were a lot of tears along the way. I made things harder than they needed to be WAY more than once! In hindsight I could have gotten here quicker but there were reasons it took the time it did and I am so grateful for all the lessons along the way. I believe I had this journey so I could teach it. So that you could see that even if it doesn’t happen right away, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.


If I can turn it around after more than a year of struggling to create substantial monetary success in my business, then why the hell can’t you?! You totally can!


I went from creating clients who made a $600 investment with me to clients who invested $6000 with me in one year. And now...

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In business, you are told to

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2018

In business, you are told to -

Work harder.



Strict schedules.

Firm commitments.


Do those statements make you cringe? Maybe you instantly think:


But what if I don’t feel like it?

I don’t want to force anything.

That doesn’t sound fun.

But working harder and harder is just going to burn me out like before.

I don’t want to have to work hard.

It’s going to feel restrictive.

I am NOT going back to that.

I want life to feel like freedom, flow and ease.


It’s totally different this time because it’s your soul’s work. You can’t compare it to your previous career.

It’s totally different because you have gained a completely new skillset to manage stress.

It’s totally different because you have mastered growth being fun.

It’s totally different this time because you aren’t the same person you were 2 years ago.

It’s totally different because this work ONLY fuels you, never...

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If I never needed money to have the life I desired what would I be doing

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2018

This started off by answering this question. If I never needed money to have the life I desired what would I be doing? What would my life look like?


And allow it to quickly go to a place of no limits.


Consider this:

If you knew you could always have both. Whatever both is for you.


Ease/Space/Freedom and a fucking queen bee tribe with massive impact would you want it?


If you knew you could have a million-dollar business with a small die hard tribe would you want it?


See? This is eliminating the pieces that you think you have to have to experience the other.

The only way I can feel ease and freedom is by scaling my business dreams down.

Or the only way I can make millions is by having a huge list and massive following.

Or the only way to make millions is by selling tons of programs and groups not just 1:1.

Or whatever your if/then statement is for you.


If you could have fame and notoriety without stress and pressure then would you desire it?

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Keep taking those steps, everything is possible.

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2018

I realized I used to think we always have just enough money but not the surplus I thought we needed in our actually savings account.


I felt this way even when we had 3-6 months in savings. Kinda crazy isn’t it. Even having that cushion didn’t make me feel like we had enough.


Logically, I didn’t understand why. But here’s the thing. It was just the fears.


We consistently invest in things and experiences that created expansion. So instead of growing a savings to a number we didn’t really need, We were growing our experiences.


I would look at multi million dollar homes especially when they were a vacation home and not a permanent residence and wonder what do they do for a living?


Same for those that you see working in coffee shops, traveling all the time, etc


When I was younger I would dream but unfortunately I didn’t cultivate the dreams.


I didn’t know how they was possible so I let them fizzle....

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I pray for you.

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2018

I pray for you.

I pray with my face raised to the sky.

I pray for you to surrender.

I pray for you to hear the messages.

I pray for you to receive.

I pray for you connect.

I pray for you to feel supported.

I pray for you to experience unconditional love.

You, my love, I pray for you.

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I know you’ve done this before.

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2018

I know you’ve done this before.

I do. You can’t hide it.

You get a business idea. For the sake of examples, let’s just say start a blog.

BUT you don’t know anything about blogs.

Soooo, like the great student you are, you start your research.

AKA go to the Google and Pinterest!

You learn all the technical things about how to set up a blog.

You even get lost into techniques, all the do this and don’t do this, increase engagement this way, get sponsors, etc, etc, etc. RIGHT?! Oh my how did 2 hours just fly by?!

You are amazed at all the possibilities with a blog. Who knew?!

And you’ve learned more than anyone who’s never written a blog post has ever known! LOL

(not actually true bc you are one of many that do it this way)

But, there’s the key! You haven’t written the post yet.

And even though you could teach someone how to set up their blog,

You actually aren’t clear on what you want to be sharing, what are you going to write?...

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I always see your potential

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2018

I always see your potential.

I actually see everyone in that light, at their infinite potential. Limitless.

Even if you aren’t there yet. I see you not as your human/physical self but as your soul, the purest version of you.

And because of that

I always feel where you are holding back.

It is one of my intuitive gifts.

I know in my heart what is possible if you surrender. If you show up for yourself. If you commit. If you allow.

It’s a gift and a curse bc it fires me up when you are allowing your beliefs to hold you back.

I can get frustrated when you are choosing to believe that it has to be hard or not even possible.

When you can’t see yourself as I do.

There are very few that are actually living life on their terms.

Be one of those people.

That is my wish for you.

It’s easier than you think.

Maybe, simple not always easy.

It takes practice and commitment but what better thing to commitment to?

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Healing is Magical

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2018

I love my healing work with clients. It’s pure magick. I can create the space for massive healing and emotional releases. My clients step into a container more powerful than they have every experienced. Often, they don’t even have the words to describe the experience to others.


I know that my power alone means nothing, it’s their commitment to the growth that when combined with mine creates that magick.


I also believe it’s possible to facilitate these healing moments on our own. You don’t need me to create this magick. But why? Why do it alone. We were meant to be in community in connection.


AND on top of that the investment (the money exchange) is like the pixie dust that super charges the whole experience! Because it’s a reflection of how much you truly believe in yourself.

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Have you ever received a download

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2018

Have you ever received a download, a message to share, a program and not acted on it only to see another thought leader sharing the very thing you had been thinking days later?


These messages are searching to a messenger. We are all connected to the collective energy. Your guides tried to gift you with it but if you don’t receive it and share, then they are on to the next leader.


Share. Don’t hold back.

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