It’s Time You Enjoy This Whole Growing a Business Thing

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2018

I see you. I completely get it.

You are dying for some sign that things are going to work out.

First you think, just need consistent clients. Then I’ll know, I’ll know I can do it.

That happens, your goal gets bigger, 10k months. You worry. Thinking, I’m not going to be able to do this.

Then (of course) you do, you make 10k months. But instead of relief, you forge onto a new goal and bigger vision.

Each and every time thinking, this is it. This is when I’m going to hit my ceiling. I’m not going to be able to create it this time. I went too big.

Somewhere along the way you realize that you are light years ahead of where you were last year. You ask yourself, “So why am I not relaxed yet?! Why can’t I trust myself?”

I know this because I was there. I get it because I have thought these thoughts. You wonder when these fears are going to shift, right?

You don’t have to operate this way any longer. You are ready for the next step in healing,...

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Uncategorized May 30, 2018


This is going to be a bit different than the usual post. I am going to walk you through an easy exercise to instantly boost your confidence. This can be used for any experience in which you would like to feel more confident.

We all have areas we would like to be more confident, right? Before we start, what specific event, activity, or act would you like to have more confidence? Think of something specific before you read on.

Got it? Let’s dive in.

What does confidence mean to you? Where do you feel confident in your life? Stop for a moment, list all the areas where you embody confidence. Now pick one of those examples where you feel the most confident. Got it?

Bring that experience into your body right now.

How does it feel?

Where do you feel confidence in your body? Where does it feel the strongest?

Make note of all the sensations.

Feel into how you feel in your body when you are confident.

Start to amplify that feeling, grow it so the feeling gets even...

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Inspirational Quotes Made Me Roll My Eyes.

Uncategorized May 15, 2018

Inspirational quotes used to make me roll my eyes.

OH $h1t!! I can’t believe I am sharing this with you. I’ve wanted to, but the fear of judgement had kept me silent. I was afraid you’d think I was cold. You’d think, how disconnected was she? You’d think, there is no way I could work with someone like that… She’s not inspirational.

Any of these thoughts familiar to you as you get ready to share vulnerably?

And in spite of those thoughts, this is what I believe. And my belief is stronger than my fear.

If you are reading this you are my people.

If you are my people, you get and you too are releasing judgements.

If you are my people you will love and resonate with me even more if I share this with you.

Here’s the truth, I have done a monumental amount of inner work over the past 6 years. My mindset, perceptions, spirituality, physical health… You name it and I’ve worked on it!

And to be even more honest, because I am so...

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Uncategorized Apr 21, 2018

Yes, all.

The scared part of you.

The worried part of you.

The judgmental part of you.

The impatient part of you.

The angry part of you.


They are all worthy. You are 100% whole and worthy.


You get stuck because, you don’t really believe this is true.


There’s even a part of you right now that is saying, “No way, I feel it ALL the time and it doesn’t go away. She’s crazy! Why would I want to feel that more…”


But you know, deep down, you keep pushing these feelings away. You judge yourself as weak, less than or question what’s wrong with you when they creep up.


You will never experience life the way your desire if you keep pushing the fear away, holding it at arm’s length. If you stay in this pattern of not allowing yourself to FEEL it, you won’t move through it.


Those parts of you will continue, desperately trying to get your attention.


They aren’t going away, those...

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