The Power of a Different Perspective

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

The power of a different perspective.

The ability to view circumstances with a different lens.

Our beliefs create the meaning that we give to our experiences.

Do you have someone in your court that is willing to point out where your perspective is limited?

Your mind will always find the evidence to support your beliefs.

Stepping into your dreams stirs up the part of you that’s scared.

And that part of you will find all the evidence it can to support why not.

Why not to do it now.

Why not to invest.

Why it’s crazy.

How you can’t do it.

That fearful part of you just wants you to stay the same, the same = safe to this part of you.

This work isn’t about ignoring that part of you AND that part of you doesn’t get to run the show.

We are going to let that part of you be heard,

And help it to feel safe with these new ways of being and doing.

This is the deep transformational parts work that we do together, hand in hand.

We co-create together.

I commit to...

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Why You Aren't Motivated

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019

Inspiration and motivation.

When you aren’t feeling it.

You don’t really want to be working in or on your business.

It’s summer.

It’s my cycle.

It’s retrograde or maybe the moon is to blame… LOL

All sorts of blame being thrown around.

I’m not saying these things don’t impact us, but let’s not give our power away.

We are always in charge.

Lack of motivation is directly related to your lack of inspiration and your vibe.

Prioritize creating a high vibe environment and experience.

Followed by dropping into inspiration regularly.

And you will fuel your desire to be in your business.

There are a boatload of reasons your vibe could be off.

Fear based patterns running the show is HIGH on that list.

This is easier to shift than it feels.

I am a master a facilitating these shifts with you.

Message me so we can discuss what that could look like for you.

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Some of You Need to Stop Kidding Yourself…

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

Some of you need to stop kidding yourself…

You aren’t all in.

You are playing with one foot in and one foot out.

Straddling your dreams and a good and safe but definitely not what you want in life.

You’ve created success in your business/career but you have bigger goals.

Your progress thus far was inside the constraints of your beliefs,

So even though moments felt like a stretch, really it didn’t take too much to get where you are.

And now you are feeling the resistance.

A part of you felt like once you got here it would be easier,

But that hasn’t been your experience so far…

You feel the resistance against going all in and that energy is NOT comfortable in your body.

You’ve done enough work to have the awareness of what’s going on but you feel stuck in making the shift.

It’s like you know what you need to be doing but you just can’t make yourself do it…

Which creates a mini spiral bc you judge yourself for not...

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The Hardest Thing to Watch

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2019

One of the hardest things for me to watch is someone who quits right before the BIG shift.

When I can see all their circumstances rearranging in their favor but in their eyes it hasn’t happened.

And they give up.

They allow their dreams to shrink.

They allow themselves to believe that the life they are dreaming of isn’t for them.

We never know how long it will take…

Sure, often times the shifts are instant!

And sometimes the external world takes time to catch up.

This is where your beliefs can be tested, where you can feel stretched.

So if you desire support in building resilience, faith and trust on this journey to making your dreams come true, message me. I’ll share info on working 1:1 with me in my Elite Mastermind.

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Money Flow

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2019

Money loves to circulate, to be in movement.

Sometimes this gets misinterpreted loosely as “Don’t save”.

Here’s what matters.

What energy is behind your savings account.

You can save the popular 6 month of savings from a place of empowerment…

But I would argue that isn’t the energy that the general population uses when saving money.

It often stems from fear.

This is a perfect example of it’s not about the actual action.

It’s always about the energy behind it!

Basically WHY you are doing it!

This translates to EVERYTHING!

This is why in my coaching practice, one action can be completely aligned for a client while the same exact action for another client is not aligned and creates contraction.

It comes down to their energy and beliefs underneath the action!

Message to hear more about coaching privately with me.

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Let’s talk about the “Yeah, but…”

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

Let’s talk about the “Yeah, but…”

This happens when you are connected to your power, your desires, your higher self

And you getting all excited your next big leap

And there is a part of you, another voice telling you, Yeaaaah but ______.

Yeah, but you don’t know how.

Yeah, but you don’t have a big enough following.

Yeah, but who will invest that much.

Maybe you have a different version that runs inside your head.

This voice can steal the energy right out of you.

This part of you can shift your vibe all too quickly.

But it doesn’t have to.

And the solution is not what you think it is.

It’s not to try ignore that voice.

That part of you NEEDS your love and attention.

Often the fear is, if we give our fears attention, they will grow.

That’s not the case.

If they are given love and attention in the right way.

It allows them to release their grip on you.

It allows them to get quiet.

Step into this work with me.

Working with the right...

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Get Ready to Have Your Mind Blown!

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

Although I want to share as I go through healing, I’ve found it difficult to share from a place of empowerment when I’m deep in it. So as a result, I have been quieter than usual these past few months. Maybe it doesn’t feel like quiet to you but it does to me!! It’s been a whole ‘nother level of inner healing!

The rapid growth I’ve experienced both personal and business needed time to integrate.

Believe me I’ve fought this uplevel with resistance. Think fall down, kicking and screaming toddler! LOL This one hasn’t felt very graceful or quick, for that matter!

Here’s what I know looking back. I made choices that allowed it to be messy and clunky. It didn’t have to be that way and, also, there was a reason it needed to be this way. I was meant to experience it in this way, it was for me. AND I hope to choose differently for the next massive shift (LOL) bc I know it never has to be hard.

So I thank you for remaining present...

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Your Power

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2019

Someone is looking for these words today,


Everything you desire is right on the other side of your surrender,


Your surrender into the leader you are,


Your surrender into the power inside you,


Stop resisting the power that is coursing through you.


It’s draining you.


It’s harder to hold it in than it is to accept it,


To surrender to it.


PS - This is your chance to work with me 1:1! Message me for the details of my Elite Mastermind. This is THE container where the deep work happens, where clients blow past their goals, where they step into the life of their dreams and more!

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Uncategorized Jul 15, 2019



This is one of my favorite concepts.


I didn’t have a word for it until I started working with Katrina Ruth, @thekatrinaruthshow.


I’ve talked about it in detail but it’s her word. And it fits perfectly of course!


Discerning between something being out of alignment and just our patterns/fears holding us back.


It’s a powerful skill. Integral, actually.


It’s a skill you NEED to practice continuously. 


It’s something to deepen your curiosity around.


Our fears can be tricky, they have powerful methods of getting us to believe untruths and keep us from acting on soul led desires because they’ve loaded you up with all sorts of very logical and believable reasons (aka BS) why not to...


Do you know when you are listening to your fears vs soul? When it’s actually your fears telling you to change directions or not to do the thing?


Do you know how to tune in and...

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This Year has been Filled with Growth

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019

This year has been filled with growth.


Growth for myself.


Growth for my family.


Growth for my clients.


It’s been beautiful and messy.


Exhilarating and draining.


It’s looked completely different than I imagined.


Truth be told, I’m not meeting all my goals.


That’s still hard for me to admit.


I have so much to celebrate and on paper my business growth is far ahead of last year…


And yet, not all my intentions have materialized.


Here’s what I know to be true about your growth, my growth and our unmet goals.


Those unmet goals, the experience of moving through those, that is for us.


It’s for our growth.


It’s for our learning.


It doesn’t mean anything about you, your ability to create success, or your ability to manifest your desires.


You aren’t behind.


You haven’t done anything wrong.


The way you...

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