The HOW of Mindset

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

Pain is a result of denial or resistant to your natural self.   -ACIM Made Easy

Relieve your pain and suffering (worries, anger, fear, etc) by stepping into your truest self. The highest expression of who you are wants desperately to be unleashed onto this world.

Your purpose is to step into it fully and completely.

ACIM Made Easy states that if you desire relief from all your pain, stop doing what hurts you, start doing what heals you. The most simplistic and deep statement you have ever read.

You have the ability to shift your experience every day, every moment, with every thought.

And even though you know this, you still get caught up in HOW to do this, right? How do you actually create that shift, change your perspective, shift your energy, integrate new beliefs?

You completely believe it’s possible AND it feels like all theory and little practical application. You desire more examples of what to do and how to walk yourself through these shifts.

This is exactly...

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You Can Convince Yourself of Anything

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

You can believe all kinds of BS when you are subconsciously avoiding your true work, your purpose, showing up in this world.

You can even convince yourself that the universe is giving you a sign not to jump, to wait, to hold back.

Here’s the thing! God doesn’t speak in negatives.

The universe will only YES your desires.


It’s your fear telling you not to jump, don’t confuse the two.

PS – The HOW of Mindset is ready for you! Take mindset out of theory and make it completely practical and easy to apply. Learn what to do with the parts of you that aren’t fully on board with your new mindsets/beliefs. This is a powerful online workshop, 2+ hours long with full on support in the private FB group! There is also an option to upgrade to a 1:1 coaching session and individual support channeled just for you! The link to sign up is in the bio. See you there!

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The Highs and Lows

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2019

The ups and downs that you feel in business, the roller coaster of motivation, trust and belief that you can make it happen,


You know that feeling, the high when a new client signs? You feel on top of the world, you are celebrating the client AND yourself! All your dreams feel possible, you only see the good around you!


Then there’s the low when something flops. That brings on contraction, worry. Your dreams feel like they are way out of reach, you lose motivation.


You say you don’t want to experience the roller coaster any longer. The highs are great but the lows feel awful. It feels like you are seeking a drug, like you can’t ever get enough.


You think the answer is becoming unattached to the highs, which it is in a way.


But here’s what you have to admit. You LOVE the high. It’s part of the reason you do this!


The high fuels you. The high is why you go so big!


You don’t need to feel less of the...

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Make-up, Bikinis and High Heels. Spiritual?

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2019

Make-up, complete home renovation, crop tops, teeny bikinis, high heels, and buying a new boat… what do these all have in common?

They have all been a HUGE part of my spiritual growth in the past year.

Stepping out of what’s practical, logical and safe.

Following my desires.

Fully expressing myself.

Some more scary than others, always expansive on the other side of the leap!

Ever evolving, challenging my beliefs in what I can wear, what I should wear, what’s me. I looked at my wardrobe after leaving the hospital, realizing my clothes weren’t an expression of me. And less than two years later, I looked at my wardrobe and felt the same way. Not me, anymore. Time to uplevel.

Same with our home. It no longer felt right. Not the highest expression of who we are. Done. Remodel complete.

I’ve changed but really, I’m becoming more and more fully expressed and I demand that my physical environment matches.

My clothes. My support. My home. My experiences.

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Love Even When

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2019

Do you love your business when you don’t make the sale?


Do you love your body when last year’s shorts are a little too tight?

Do you love post when no one comments?

Do you love your program when no one signs up?

What does your inner dialogue look like when things aren’t going as planned?

What voice do you talk to yourself in? Love or Criticism?

What meaning do you make about yourself when these things happen?

What lens are you using to perceive these happenings?

How you show up in these moments are key.

PS - apply to work 1:1 with me via messenger.

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Your Dream Life

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2019

As a child, I dreamed of becoming known, famous, of living a special life. Can you relate?

I didn’t want to be average, I didn’t even want to be above average… I wanted to be on top of the world.

Through the years, the dream fizzled. I started to believe a new reality. That life wasn’t for me.

That life was for just the chosen few and I wasn’t one of them.

I wasn’t special enough, didn’t have the right talents, or the right personality.

I didn’t have the right opportunities. It wasn’t meant to be.

I remember the dreams creeping back in while I was in college. It was a modified, toned down version but it came back. Maybe I would be known in my profession, create a BIG impact as an occupational therapist.

But again, it faded. I let normal life take over. Just the day to day. The dreams got smaller, ones that felt more realistic…

I’ve said it before, I was living a GREAT life but it wasn’t the one of my dreams. I...

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Your Soul Knows

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2019

I never wake up naturally at 6:30,usually not before 9:00 without an alarm. This morning I did. I write this in the quiet stillness of the morning. Before I went to sleep I was craving quiet time to ground and with a house full of family this was the easiest time to get it.


Thank you body.


Thank you soul.


For knowing exactly what I needed.


Thank you brain for making the connection and getting out of bed instead of going back to sleep.


Your soul prompts can be big or little. The tiny little actions that add up to massive results. The tiny ones are Oh So importatn.


Practice listening.


Practice following.


Hold your hand on your chest, deep breaths.


Connecting to your truth.


Grounding into unlimited resources available to us all.


You are safe.


You are loved.


You belong.


Feel into the connection, it will fuel you.


PS - I am accepting applications for 1:1 VIP support.

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Who will win, Fear or Soul?

Uncategorized May 31, 2019

Do you love growth (aka change) and find it to hit a threshold and it becomes overwhelming?


You call in all this expansion, growth and upleveling.


Then the magnitude of it all hits you.


You wanted the change but your critter brain starts to freak out.


Your body is jittery, you can’t get grounded.


You start to convince yourself of why to backtrack a touch.


Not full on retreat, just maybe you went a little too far…


It’s not going to be sustainable, right? Little changes are more sustainable, that’s what you learned…


BUT (you argue with yourself) you love going all in, you really don’t want to back off.


Ohhh but your fears do. Your fears think you are being bat-shit crazy for going for it all at once.


Who wins?


Which part of you wins this battle?


If you have the tools, the support and the mindset to work through it…


Your soul’s desires will win...

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I Promise this Will Change Your Life

Uncategorized May 30, 2019

I promise you that this work will change your life.


I promise you that dedication to this work will 10x the success, happiness, joy, peace and love you experience.

It doesn’t matter if your goals are to change yourself or are to improve your business (to work with me it’d better be both!!) Entering into this container with me is LIFE CHANGING.


Free yourself of doubts, release the worries, overcome guilt, leave stress behind for good.

Quantum leap your confidence, own your powers to create not just a good life, but your dream life.


Imagine going all in in your business. Really going for it! – all the heart, all the confidence, without any sacrifice,

The ‘how’ of changing your mindset. You’ve heard how powerful mindset work is, you’ve even dove into it but you still get stuck in HOW you continue to shift and uplevel your beliefs to support a growth mindset.

We are going to take what you already know about mindset and going...

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Your Matrix

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

Your path is not going to be linear.

That’s why a strategic, step by step plan doesn’t work for you.

The only plan that works is the one in YOUR SOUL.

Your path is a matrix. Your growth is a matrix.

All interconnected, intertwined.

You are growing and expanding many beliefs at once.

One belief is intertwined with the next and the previous and so on.

Your growth isn’t happening in a vacuum.

All your choices, thoughts, mentors, programs, books, actions, feelings are coming together in this beautiful matrix of growth and expansion.

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