Erin has been fortunate to work with some of the most amazing clients, who are doing work that is truly changing the world.

Here is what a few of them have to say about their experience with Erin.


“When I started with Erin I was struggling with feeling block in many areas of my life. It felt like the more I tried, the more I would fail. I knew something needed to change.

Then I had the opportunity to work with Erin and I began to see that the things that were blocking me were fears that didn’t exist. Only fears that I had placed on myself.

Erin assisted me in seeing where I needed to release and refocus my energy to see my goals through. During my time with Erin, she guided me through changing my mindset in several areas of my life. Which has helped me to focus on my goals and see the path of them coming to life.

Working with Erin has been a game changer for me in my personal life and career. "

- Jennifer Stauffer

"Before I began working with Erin I was struggling from “big dreamer syndrome” I’m going to call it. I have lofty goals for my business. I want to change the way America views health, and through accomplishing that my bank account will reflect what I’ve done.

Because of that, my mind is constantly racing. I had 5,000 things on my to-do list at all times. I never wanted to miss an opportunity, I was trying to do all of it. I brought my corporate world work tactics into my coaching career. Quite frankly I had nothing to show for it, no clients and no income.

Then I had the opportunity to work with Erin and I’ve done a complete 180 that I am incredibly thankful for. I felt the shift in just one week, but three weeks in I have 4 clients, a group in the works and momentum I’ve been looking for for 5 months. Erin showed me that slowing down is the “productive” thing to do. In slowing down, trusting God’s path for me, and listening to my heart, I have created the clients I’ve been searching for.

Erin has showed me that in slowing down, trusting my path and myself and letting that guide me is the best decision I can make for myself everyday. I’ve gone from stressed out, overwhelmed and trying to do it all, to happy, doing what I love to create my business and finally creating momentum in my bank account to show for it. I feel freedom, creativity and happiness in my business that I could not find before. Most importantly, I feel confident in my ability to coach as well as create the business of my dreams."

- Diana Matuszack 


"Before I started with Erin, I was struggling with the ability to believe in my own inherent goodness. I actually kind of believed there was something bad about me, and it prevented me from truly loving others in the way I knew I desired to. Then I had the opportunity to work with Erin and I experienced a mindset shift almost instantly – after only one session. Erin took the time to ask the right questions that unlocked my deepest fears and had a natural ability to create a safe space to do so. I am more alive and more deeply connected to my inherent value and my ability to give – thoughtfully and compassionately – from a pace of abundance. Erin, thank you for masterfully holding space for me to peel off one more layer of judgement, and helping me shine more light on this world."

- Melissa Snyder

"When I first started working with Erin I was struggling with verbalizing what I really wanted and only had a vague idea how to get there. Since I started working with Erin, I have a clear vision of what I want and I have been digging deep into what's holding me back. I have more confidence, more peace and I'm walking down the path to get where I want to be! Could NOT ask for a better Coach!!"

- Heather Wakefield

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